How We Got Started

Albuquerque Bob’s, A Military Heritage Emporium is a home based business located in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Albuquerque Bob’s was established to provide military veterans a location to purchase products to display their pride stemming from their military service. Veterans of the armed forces share a unique bond, sometimes referred to as a brotherhood, and displaying various products such as decals, t-shirts, allow these Veterans to communicate their pride to all who view these products. Unfortunately products that adequately convey a person’s specific message are difficult to find especially if the person searching for such products doesn’t have access to a military installation.


Albuquerque Bob’s intends to offer products that target specific military units in order to provide “mission specific” memorabilia products designed to convey a specific message. For example, the image of Green Feet is universally recognized among United States Air Force Combat Search and Rescue personnel. Displaying Green Feet conveys not just a pride in serving within the Combat Search and Rescue organization but is recognizable by others who have served within this specific organization. I myself display the Green Feet on my own vehicle and there have been several occasions when I have been approached by another person who also served in this field and on some occasions I had actually served with the individual.